Photography by Briana Davis // @briana_davis_photography
H&MU by Jess Jenkins // @jess._jenkins


Aeora is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Drawing from her background of country singing and her admiration of strong female vocalists, Aeora experimented with her own sound and paired it with electronic-pop beats to create something unique. 

After playing a bunch of local shows and developing her live show, Aeora took her show to Sydney, showcasing at EMC in 2016. This followed by her first international show in Toronto, Canada in 2017 showcasing at Canadian Music Week.

Gearing up for an epic 2018 and after releasing previous singles ‘Boss-y’ and ‘Fenceline’, Aeora released her last single for 2017 – ‘Need You’. After premiering via Triple J Unearthed and Pilerats, the song landed in Spotify Australia/NZ Viral Charts at number 8 and within a month accumulated over 100K streams online.

Molly McLaughlin from Purple Sneakers -  "With ‘Need You’, Aeora continues to push and blur the boundaries. She tests the limits of her vulnerability and finds strength, experiments with sounds and layers and finds simplicity. And best of all, it sounds like nothing else."

Now in 2018, Aeora has released what she's been working on for the last year - a collection of music she created with Producer Haxx (Kult Kyss) called 'Let Loose'. Featuring her boldest songs to date, 'Let Loose' delves deep in to aspects of her life and relationships, and she connects them as she gains the insight of letting go. She is honest and brutal,  and pairs it nicely with electronic sounds and beats to create something you can move to and something you can connect with. Aeora isn't slowing down and her sound is only getting better as her vision continuously grows, testing her limits.