Photography by Michelle He // @Michelle.psd

A singer-songwriter and producer who draws from self-reflection, Aeora (pronounced ‘ay-aura’) began as a way for her to cope in the world and find new ways to connect with herself and the world around her. She began writing lyrics and melodies before she was 10, singing country and folk music when she was a teenager and then later started producing electronic music when she was 19. It was there she began her journey into developing her own sound and her own voice.

In 2016, Aeora played her first interstate showcase at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference, which followed by her first international showcase in Toronto at Canadian Music Week in 2017.

Aeora also released her first co-written song ‘Need You’ in 2017, written with fellow Australian artist LANKS and produced by Haxx (Kult Kyss), which landed itself in Spotify’s AUS/NZ New Music Friday, Front Left, New Pop Revolution, The Office Stereo, Pop Edge, Indie Arrivals, then placing the song at number 8 in the AUS/NZ Viral Charts in the first week of the release.

Following on from the success of ‘Need You’, Aeora decided to take some time to herself and develop herself and her art. Working towards something unique to the Australian scene, she’ll be ready to unleash the new era of her music by the end of 2019.